Baitussalam Basic Health Unit

Baitussalam Basic Health Unit

Baitussalam Welfare Trust believes that everyone should have access to health care services regardless of their socioeconomic class. Denying health care to a child is the same as encouraging stunted growth, denying healthcare to pregnant women is the same as refusing her right to safe pregnancy. Denying the right of an old man to have cataract surgery is the same as robbing him of sight. 

Baitussalam has initiated projects under the Baitussalam Health Unit to provide medical facilities to the needy. BBHU provides free healthcare services through mobile medical camps, ambulance services, and a physical health clinic.  

We give free healthcare services in medical camps to our underprivileged brothers and sisters.


 The camps conduct diagnostic treatments and prescribe further treatment as per the patient’s symptoms. Brilliant doctors and trained paramedics volunteer earnestly and regularly, to provide medical treatments. BBHU set up temporary medical camps in disaster-struck regions globally.

We provide free medication to needy patients as per their needs.  We have distributed medicines worth 3.5 million rupees amongst deserving patients

On 19th November 2017, BBUH performed its first Cataract Surgery. The surgery team included 9 doctors and 28 volunteers, inclusive of paramedics and pharmacists in Goth Deeh Kotiriro Link Road. The medical camp served 500 patients including kids, adults & elderly. People from Goth Deeh Kotiriro, Goth Damloti, Goth Darsano Channo, and around 45 goth from the surroundings came for OPD. 

Baitussalam basic health unit inaugurated the operation theater (O.T) that catered to cataract surgeries in the same year. Our team members of 1 Eye specialist surgeon, 1 Doctor, 5 Paramedic team members, performed general Eye checkups and conducted 10 Cataract surgeries.


In 2017, Our team conducted patient follow up the next day. BBHU gave 18,500 needy patients, free of cost quality medical treatment


We organize presentations and workshop sessions where Doctors and Health professionals explain how eHealth can improve quality health care.