Terms and Conditions

Donate now by any of below mentioned methods and then visit: www.baitussalam.org/rashan-donation
And fill out the form:

Step1: Step2
Enter your personal Detail:

  • Name
  • Contact#
  • Email
  • Enter already made donation details:
  • Receipt / Reference #
  • Attach ANY supporting document for the transaction
  • Mention transaction amount
  • Select ration bags quantity according to your donation amount
  • Select donation type
  • Select payment channel
Allow BSWT to deliver to already registered Zakat Beneficiaries


Add beneficiary Details

  • Name
  • CNIC
  • Cell #
  • AddressPlease make sure donation amount and ration bag cost matches, otherwise excess amount will be utilized in most needed zakat charity head.

Kindly note that Baitussalam will only deliver 1 Ration bag to each beneficiary. Duplicate beneficiaries will not be sent ration bags.

Since Baitussalam is a NON-Profit organization, BWT cannot deliver ration bags to the donor himself for distributing themselves.

Currently this campaign is limited to Karachi Only.

After the orders have been confirmed BWT try its best to deliver rations to the assigned beneficiaries as soon as possible; however, due to current ongoing crises deliveries might take 3 – 5 working days.

Baitussalam Ramzan Package – 12 Items / approx. 14.5 kg / @ Rs.1450

1. Fine Atta 5 Kg
2. Rice Poonia 2 kg
3. Daal Malka Masur1 Kg
4. Daal Channa 1 Kg
5. White Channa 1 Kg
6. Baisan 900 gm
7. Sugar 1 Kg
8. Salt 800 gm
9. Maan Oil 1 Ltr
10. Dates 250 gm
11. Vermicelli Jaza
12. Hand soap


Payment Channels


1. Visit any of our Offices
a. Donate while mentioning donor donee program Sadqa or Zakat
b. For Baitussalam Branches: https://baitussalam.org/bs/branches/


2. Transfer to our COVID-19 Releif Bank Accounts
a. www.baitussalam.org/bs/bank-transfer
b. Email to deposit@baitussalam.org or Whatsapp to +92 320 787 2264 mentioning donor donee program


3. Donate Online – Baitussalam Website
a. www.baitussalam.org/bs/online-donation
b. Select donor donee program as charity type
c. register your beneficiary by mentioning Easypaisa Transaction ID as reference on rashan-donation Page.
d. forward us your successful transaction email, received from Easypaisa


4. Daraz
a. https://www.daraz.pk/shop/baitussalam-karachi/
i. Select donor – donee product
ii. Mention Daraz’ order ID in the reference field on rashan-donation Page


5. BYKEA Cash Collection (Charges Applied)
a. www.baitussalam.org/bs/bykea-collection
i. Select donor donee product
ii. Mention Order ID and Trip ID as reference over rashan-donation Page


6. TCS Centres
a. Cash
b. Cheque
i. Attach you consignment #
7. Leopards Courier Centres
a. Cash
b. Cheque
i. Attach you consignment #
8. Door Step Donation Cash / Cheque (