Relief for Rohingya Refugees

Relief for Rohingya Refugees

Desperate, afraid and running for their lives, approximately 900,000 Rohingya have fled from Myanmar into Bangladesh in search of safety. Since 2017, the refugees lack access to education, food, clean water, proper sanitation, and other basic necessities. They face hunger, malnutrition, infection, disease, and other medical ailments, and desperately need access to healthcare and other lifesaving support. An influx of over 1 billion refugees in Bangladesh has strained the country’s infrastructure. 

The Rohingya Refugee Aid program by Baitussalam Welfare Trust provides food packageshygienesuppliesclothesblanketsmedicinesdrinking water to these desperate refugees.

Baitussalam has partnered with international NGOs to Build 1000 bamboo houses for the Rohingya refugees


The Rohingya Refugee Relief fund supports life-saving assistance to the people displaced by violence and conflict. It helps the refugee camps in Bangladesh and its neighboring settlements. We seek to reduce human misery and distress, by providing caring and compassionate services to these victims. These victims who have unfortunately become a part of "ethnic cleansing" and are currently called "the world's most persecuted minority". 


Your support will help victims become survivors, as they receive immediate relief supplies like food and hygiene kits.

They need long-term support for the reconstruction of hospitals and housing projects.

BWT with the help of the Pakistan nation and Muslim brothers globally, allow essential aid to reach the Rohingya continuously.

Brutal attacks on these ethnic minorities have left the victims traumatized and homeless. Your donations give these vulnerable victims a chance to rebuild their homes and lives.

Your contribution can help those who have lost everything

Your contribution gives them a reason to believe that there is hope for them too.