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  • Baitussalaam

Masjid & Quranic Institutes

BWT has built many mosques and quranic institutes all over

Pakistan in far flung areas where need is felt and continues to do so to help spread deeni and quranic education.

Students receive free education and the Trust finances the expenditures of these centers which


  • maintenance of kitchens and provision of breakfast, lunch and dinner to students and faculty members.
  • salaries of teachers
  • books for students
  • centers’ repairs and maintenance
  • financing utility expenses
  • In addition to this, these education centers are used as focal point for other welfare initiatives in adjoining areas such as distribution of food, Sehri and Iftar in the month of Ramadan, digging of wells and extension of water supply lines in areas deprived of these necessities.

    Like-minded humanitarians from varying
    Professional and Social backgrounds
    came together to lend a helping hand
    and Baitussalam Welfare Trust was formed.