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Enlightening the youth by introducing new initiatives for quality education
Enlightening the youth by introducing new initiatives for quality education


Hifz and Nazrah

Hifz and Nazrah


With a team of highly qualified and experienced educators and academics BEF provides free of cost technical assistance in the academic and administrative domains, to schools all over the country especially in the poor underprivileged areas. Schools registered with BEF are provided workshops, short courses, standardized testing, research and school improvement interventions and financial incentives based on performance.


Baitussalam’s initiative to provide accessible free of cost quality education, the Qurani Marakiz is a network of institutes across the rural and poor areas of all the provinces of Pakistan. Run with the support of our permanent members the growing network has 335 Qurani Marakiz currently operational providing basic religious and primary education.


A unique Montessori that employs an Arabic medium curriculum, where children learn the language of the Quran at such a small age. Conventional subjects such as mathematics and English along with extra-curricular activities are also part of the curriculum. Raudhat us Salam employs a comprehensive teaching methodology that covers reading, writing and spoken aspects of language.


Jamia Baitusslaam blends the different dimensions of education in a way that enables students to achieve academic excellence along with character building. Comprising of two spacious campuses in Karachi, Sindh and Talagang, Punjab Jamia Baitussalaam offers the prestigious Darse Nizami, Hifz e Quran, Matriculation, Intermediate, O-level, specializations in various subjects and a tri-lingual curriculum that ensures eloquence in Arabic, English and Urdu.
For more information, please visit http://jamiabaitussalam.edu.pk


A unique institute where renowned educational practitioners and academics conduct workshops and courses for bridging the gap between educational policy and practice. Forward seeks to bridge the many disconnects that separate our systems of teaching and learning from one another as well as from society.


Baituissalam’s online education enterprise, E-Learning is an online education portal where authentic Islamic courses are offered. E-Learning provides Short courses offered separately for men and women, who can enroll from all over the world and benefit from the knowledge of our Deen, under the guidance of authentic scholars.
For more information, please visit https://baitussalam.ilmera.org

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