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A state of the art learning center for Quran and Hadith

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  • Asar (5:45)
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  • Isha (8:45)
  • Jumma (1:30)

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Jamia Baitussalam


Our Mission & Believes

To be an institution that works for the betterment of humanity with the ultimate objective of building a society based on compassion.

  •  Enlightenment of youth
  •  Spreading knowledge of Deen
  •  Provision of financial assistance and counseling
  •  Establishment of educational & health-care facilities
Our Mission & Believes

Recent Activity

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Meals in Education Centers

The Trust provides free of cost breakfast, lunch and dinner to students and faculty members in its 2 main campuses located in Karachi, Sindh and Chakwal, Punjab. The Karachi campus currently houses approximately 500 students...

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These centers which includes

These education centers are used as focal point for other welfare initiatives in adjoining areas such as distribution of food, Sehri and Iftar in the month of Ramadan, digging of wells and extension of water supply lines in areas deprived of these necessities...

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These services includes

BWT has recently launched its Ambulance service for all areas of Karachi. Imported vehciles are being used as ambulances and specifically fabricated with all the necessary equipment for dealing with any emergency situation...



May 2011

Baitussalaam Trust made an effort to help out those under privileged families who are unable to get their daughters married off because of lack of provisions for dowry.Baitussalaam Trust distributed valuables clothes amongst 110 girls of 8 small villages in the Port Qassim area in an effort to help build their dowry.

May 2011

Under the supervision of Baitusslaam Trust, the students of its quranic institutes were assessed on their learnings for the first time in January, 2011 to judge where the stood. Allhamdullilah, with the help of these institutes the students have learned to recite the Quran with proper Tajweed and have increased their knowledge.

May 2011

Baitussalaam Trust has undertaken to build shelter homes for the flood affected families in Nooribad on an 80 acre piece of vast land.It will accommodate 5000 affected families and their food provisions will also be taken care of.

May 2011

In the blessed month of Ramadan, 2010, Jamia Baitussalaam Welfare Trust distributed iftaar packages to many small hamlets. In 6 hamlets they distributed iftaar comprising of dates and various fruits, amongst other items, to almost 110 families.

Like-minded humanitarians from varying
Professional and Social backgrounds
came together to lend a helping hand
and Baitussalam Welfare Trust was formed.