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Course categories

Courses are available on Ebaitussalam on different categories such as Tafseer, Fiqh, Arabic Grammer, Seerat, Tazkia, Tajweed and many more.For more details check course description and enrol now.

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Courses That have been delivered.

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Courses that are currently being conducted on Ebaitussalam.

Special Bayan

Special Bayanat for the students of Ebaitussalam by Hazrat Maulana Abdus Sattar db.

Upcoming courses on E-Baitussalam

Courses that will be conducted on ebaitussalam in future.

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Basic Arabic Level Conversation Course

After successful completion of 4 Basic Arabic Level Course.Admissions for upcoming Arabic course has been started on Ebaitussalam

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Tajweed-ul-Quran-Women Only STARTING FROM 3rd July Shift1 Timing: 9:00-10:00 A.M (P.S.T) Shift2 Timing: 4:00-5:00 P.M (P.S.T) Days:Monday-Thursday (4 days a week) Registration: OPEN Duration: 7-8 Months

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Arabic Language (Conversation)

Basic Level Arabic Conversation Course-Women Only STARTING FROM 8th July Timings: 11:00 P.M-12:00 (P.S.T)(Night) Days:Tuesday & Thursday (Twice a week) Registration: Open Description: This is Basic Level Arabic Conversation Course.Classes will be conducted LIVE and recordings will be available.Regular assignments and tests will be conducted to ensure satisfaction.Students will be given certificates as well on successful completion Duration: 6 months

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One Year Tafseer & Hadees Course

Alhamdulillah on special request of students we are starting One Year Tajweed course on Ebaitussalam.It will be twice a week and in sha Allah The whole Quran will be completed with detailed Tafseer along with different topics covered in each Surah. Also One Year Hadees course will be conducted once a week in which hadees from Maarif-ul-Hadees on Akhlaq will be covered. Dont miss this opportunity. Apply now!

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Tajweed Made Easy

2019-01-16 By E-baitussalam Moderator

Ebaitussalam is starting Tajweed course from 3rd July at 2 different time slots

Inheritance in Islam

2019-07-01 By E-baitussalam Moderator

A short fiqh course on masail related to Vasiyat & Meeras along with a brief discussion on various death rituals that takes place in our society.

One Year Courses

2019-07-04 By E-baitussalam Moderator

Alhamdulillah Two One Year courses related to Hadees and Tafseer are also starting on Ebaitussalam from 8th July